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About Me

Experience Counts

Terry Tyson - Speaker, Magician, Mentalist, Mind Reader, Safety Professional

Hi! I'm Terry Tyson. With 35+ years as an award-winning safety professional and safety keynote speaker, I bring extensive experience to deliver YOUR message in a unique way. With as many years as a performing magician/mentalist and creator,  I possess unique skills in knowing how people think and how to motivate them to reach safety and company cultural excellence.  Using magic to illustrate message points, audiences and attendees pay close attention and remember those messages. Yes, a safety pro-mindreader-artist-writer is a unique mix of qualifications but I know you will find these skills as an effective combination to filling your organization's  safety, training and presentation needs.

Mind Reading With A Message

Mentalism - Mind Reading - Magic Shows

By incorporating "mindreading" into my presentations, I can illustrate important message points in a most unique and captivating way.

These presentations stand out from the norm capturing an audience's attention. 

In addition to performing stage and close-up shows to the general public, I offer this service to special clients, private parties and events.

It is not uncommon for me to deliver a keynote address during the day and then entertain the conference attendees in the evening. 

My shows are interactive, mind-boggling and FUN!

Trade show booths, private parties, after-dinner and conference entertainment are just a small sample of the "magical" services I provide.

Trainings, Workshops and Keynotes

Training Workshops and Keynote Talks

By combining my experience in the work environment and stage work, I have become a frequent, popular industry conference speaker and workshop leader.

These presentations make a memorable and striking impact to attendees.

 In addition to sharing some of my own messages, I've worked with clients to design customized trainings, workshop and presentations that make a difference.

Most importantly, it is my goal to make YOUR event successful in every way.


Safety Services

Mining Safety Services

I began my safety career in underground mining. It is a demanding environment that often calls for  quick but effective actions to answer complex safety issues. 

From there, I have worked as a safety pro in a variety of allied trades including Portland cement manufacturing, heavy construction, road building, asphalt and ready mixed concrete, surface mining and office environments. 

From building safety programs from the ground-up, to enhancing existing programs, I've done it. 

And more.

Safety is about people; protecting people and the assets in which they work, motivating them to care, giving them effective and meaningful "tools," and helping company leaders to establish sustainable programs.

My safety consulting services are comprehensive yet cost effective.

Sample Safety Services

  • Issue-specific to Complete Safety Program Development
  • Existing Safety Program Review and Enhancement
  • Effective, interactive MSHA "New Miner" and "Annual Refresher Training"
  • MSHA "Workplace Examination Rule" Competent Person Training
  • Topic-specific General Industry Safety Training
  • Loss Event Investigations and Root Cause Analysis
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Workshops and Presentations

Keynote Talks and Workshops

Your event's success is paramount. Whether it's an employee meeting, industry conference or gathering of your company's leaders, I want to help make your event memorable. In addition to messages and workshops that are "ready-to-go," I will work with you to create a presentation that delivers your message in a unique, effective manner.

Sample of Current Workshops

  • Accident Investigation Skills for Supervisors
  • E-Z Root Cause Analysis
  • ABC's of Risk Assessment
  • Post-Disaster Media Relations
  • "How to Talk to a MSHA Inspector"

Sample of Current Keynote Presentations

  • "Superhero Perception" - The power of insightful observations 
  • "Mindful or Mind FULL?" - Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • "The Power of Positive Influence" - Building a positive company culture
  • "The 5 'ODD' Habits of Leaders" - Leadership development in Safety, Management, Communities and at Home

Corporate & Private Party Entertainment

Corporate Entertainment - Magic - Mentalism - Mind Reading - Shows

"Classic Mentalism" is a brain-busting, interactive and fun entertainment.

During these magical mindreading shows, everyone can be part of the show (or we can focus on "special guests" at your request - shhhhh, it's our secret) that will have your group scratching their heads in disbelief and laughing the entire time.

From large stages to your dinner table or in your living room, the show is customized to fit your event, audience or even your organization's message!

These demonstrations can include your product, company name or special announcements. 

Truly, this is "Mind Reading With A Message," and the message can be yours.

I can work with you to create a fund-raising event for your organization.

The shows can be enhanced with music, lighting and special multi-media at your request.

As I often say to my audiences, "Be careful of what you're never know who's listening!"


28081 Marguerite Pkwy Unit 2353

Mission Viejo, CA 92690